How about a photo blog?

So this week I’m going to be doing things a bit different. Instead of an entire blog dedicated to my past week I’m doing a photo blog. I’m going to post a photo of a moment in my life that was quite memorable and discuss it.

Maybe, I’ll keep doing this more ‘cause I have some amazing pictures. So on to the picture. Many of you might recognize who that is in the foreground, Isaac Haxton, one of the best poker players in the world. It was the $40,000 buyin at the 2009 WSOP, the first event of the some-odd 60 event series, and ESPN was airing the final table. The tournament was a veritable who’s who of the top poker players and when they got to the final table it was poker at it’s finest. Heads up proved to be even more epic. I arrived an hour into heads up and managed to scoop up a front row seat next to Amak, Vivek, Steve O’Dwyer, and Alex Keating. Within 15 minutes Isaac was all in against Vitaly Lunkin on the turn. The board read Kc5c3h6s. Isaac had K10ss and Lunkin had pocket aces. So Isaac was obviously in deep trouble. He turned to us and said “now would be a good time to use my ‘one time”. At this point Scott Seiver (not pictured) took the cue and screamed at the top of his lungs “ONE TIIIIIME!!!” We all started chanting it almost as if we believed it was coming. Then the river card came and it was the ten of clubs!!! The crowd erupted and if you watch the ESPN broadcast you can see Scott Seiver running around in pure excitement that the card came. Now, that whole story, yea that happened before this picture. It was just some build up to it.

Fast-forward 30 minutes and now Vitaly Lunkin finds himself all in against Isaac. The board read A54ccc. Lunkin had Qc10s and Ike had Qs8c. So Isaac was in badddd shape with his only hope to win the whole shebang resting on hitting an 8 and Lunking not hitting a club. Having sucked out on Vitaly in dramatic fashion earlier, no one thought it could happen again so everyone was a little deflated. Instead of before when when it seemed like the crowd was demanding a ‘one-time’ and got it, now it was more of a question. One time??? Please??

The turn brought the 8d and instead of an eruption, the crowd was more grossed out than anything. Everyone had the sentiment of wow, it really did happen again. That’s just so disgusting. And that’s the picture. Isaac is beside himself and it’s like Vivek, Steve O’Dwyer, and Alex Keating are playing Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil. Then look above at Justin Bonomo having a similar look of disbelief. I’m on the left freaking out as well. Amak and I are watching Scott Seiver going nuts for the second time. In fact if it weren’t for Ike’s half-smile, it would look as though a horrific beat had happened. Also, look at the random guy in the middle who appears to be clapping and oblivious to what had just happened. He must’ve been looking away at the very moment the card hit. It’s pretty hilarious. This moment I will never forget and BJ Nemeth managed to take this amazing picture capturing the essence of the hand. Unfortunately the story did not have a happy ending with Lunkin rivering the 2c. Lunkin then went on to win by picking up Aces again and held this time! Regardless, it was an amazing heads up match to watch.

Next week, I’ll be doing another picture. Hope everyone enjoyed a change of pace.

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  1. Dhede

    What a cutie, and he is quite cool in his socks and sandals ;) Great peiturcs, sidewalk chalk is so much fun!

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