Adam Levy Finishes 9th in 2nd Epic Poker League Event

Trying to squeeze a better finish out of the 2nd Epic Poker League Main Event, Adam Levy came close to the Televised Final Table yet again.  No stranger to the Epic Poker League Main Featured table, this time Levy found himself up against Nam Le in his final hand.



Adam Levy moves all-in for his last 155,000 from the button and Nam Le calls from the small blind.  They turn up:

Levy: KsJd

Le: 8c8h

The board runs out Qh8d5dQh3c and Le improves to a full house.

Adam Levy is eliminated in 9th place, earning $46,020… just one spot from the Televised Final Table (again!)  In the first EPL Main Event, Levy finished 7th which was one spot short of the six-handed Televised Final Table.

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