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Right now I’m sitting in the beautiful sun sipping on tasty Bahama Mama’s while writing this blog . Gotta blog in style! It’s been a good past two weeks and I hope everone had a great New Year’s! I surely did. I just got here yesterday for the Poker Stars Carribbean Adventure. It’s a huge tourney and at a great locale but Aruba still kicks this tourney’s butt! How can you top Phil’s Penthouse Party?!?!? I’m playing tomorrow but today I’ll just be chillin’ out maxin’ out shootin’ some bball. Really, it’s not just a quote from Fresh Prince, I’m going to play bball after I finish this with Matt Graham and show him who’s boss.
The end of the year has been great. I played the last Saturday and Sunday of the year, final tabled the UB $50k and booked wins on both days so it was good to finish the year on a high note. On Monday I went to a Phish concert and it’s not exactly my style. I’ve never been much of a hippie but Phish isn’t even about that. Their music is beyond that. It was just phenomenal. The lighting was amazing, the music, even the drummer used a vacuum as a musical instrument There was a guy who was wearing a jumpsuit fitted with glow sticks all around and he was even good at dancing so watching him was awesome. You can check out the vids on my Youtube channel if you want as well. Search Roothlus1 to find it.
The night before New Year’s I went to a rehearsal dinner for one of my good friends’ wedding. It was enjoyable to see a bunch of old friends. After that I went to see some more old friends down in Miami. These were camp friends though and we just drank some and chilled next to the beach. For New Year’s I went to one of my best friend’s wedding. It was a great vibe and a fun way to spend the last night of the decade.
Alright well time to go play basketball. Next week I’ll definitely have some pics, vids and a full rundown of the tournament. Go get ‘em at the tables!

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