My Spring Break 2009 – Mayercraft

Hey guys. It’s been a minute since my last blog and I just got back from the time of my life, Mayercraft 2009. It was a cruise on Carnival’s best ship, the Splendor which already sounds like a grand ole time. To make matters better (btw no one ever says this phrase but everyone says to make matters worse. Why?? I don’t know) they decided to get a bunch of bands to play on this cruise including John Mayer, O.A.R., Guster, and about 10 other really awesome bands. So when you have rock bands on a cruise how can it end up being anything less than the time of your life?

Friday was pretty cool. Katie, her friend Lo, my bro, and got on the cruise around 1ish and promptly started the drinking and didn’t really stop until Tuesday. I mean, what else is there to do on a cruise besides drink, eat, and [expletive][deleted] . John Mayer came out within two hours and serenaded everyone with an hour long opening set. Later that night we went to go see Guster at the theatre inside the cruise ships. Yes, the cruise ship was ginormous. Guster was unbelievable even though we happened to miss the first 30 minutes of the show. Instead of a standard guitarist, bassist, singer, and drummer they are a bit more versatile. At one point the lead singer pulled out a ukulele and splayed an entire song with it. The drummer however, takes drumming to a whole new level. He uses bongos along with a regular drumming kit set and is so good at hitting the beat. In fact, me describing how good he was isn’t doing him any justice. If you ever get a chance to see Guster live, keep your eyes peeled on the drummer. He was just so intense. That night we all proceeded to get drunk and the girls and my bro and I split up. The girls headed off to bed and my brother and I continued partying.

We ended up meeting these two girls named Sara and… Sara. They were BFFs and apparently they have another two friends back home both named Sara. We went to watch some karaoke hosted by one of the singers on the trip, Ryan Shaw. He was actually pretty lively and seemed down-to-earth. Karaoke on a cruise full of drunken people is fairly entertaining. Either, they are awesome at singing or they are glass shattering bad. There is no in between, it’s just both ends of the spectrum and in different ways they are both great to watch. After the karaoke we were all hammered at that point and we split up with our girls. My bro, Justin, got the hotter Sara. Curses! Whatever, they were both decent looking so it was cool.

Well, I think that’s all for now. Tune in to my next blog for the rest of the Mayercraft story. I know, I said that other story was a two-parter but this time I’ll actually come through and make it a two-parter so don’t fret. Oh, and after I finish the 2nd part of that, the week after I’ll actually talk about poker a little bit. I’ll have plenty to talk about actually with Bellagio World Champs coming up on the 18th and the last week of SCOOP. Bye bye for now and good luck to everyone at the tables.

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  1. Alisson

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all. I, like you do not really like csierus. Not enough time.Tight lines

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