No Stop In Sight

Hey buddies. I’m currently in the midst of bouncing around different cities and there’s pretty much no stop in sight. When I moved to LA in August, the plan was to stay there and seldom travel. But then, I made the mistake of getting the live poker bug again. Damn you Foxwoods final table! Mix that in with some seminars in Tampa and it becomes a lot of time away from LA.

Here’s a rundown of the past few months: It started December 9th in Vegas for Five Diamond Classic. Stayed there until the 18th, went back to LA for a few days, then flew back home to Fort Lauderdale for the holidays and a wedding. Then January 4th, Bahamas for the PCA. January 12th, back to Miami for a couple of days. Then back to LA for a week. It’s already kind of hectic. Of course, I decided to, on a whim, go to Biloxi for the WPT $10k. This past Tuesday I flew to Tampa for a Deepstacks seminar and Gasparilla, Tampa’s version of Mardi Gras. It was something to do with Jose Gaspar, a pirate, who apparently tried to invade Tampa sometime in the 1800s. Now, I’m going to Atlantic City for the Borgata $3500. After that New York for my brother’s birthday. Fly back on Super Bowl Sunday to LA for a Super Bowl party at my house, then Tampa again on the 12th for another Deepstacks seminar.

But, wait! There’s more! Fly back to LA for LAPC prelims, then the NAPT in Las Vegas at the Venetian. Then head back for the LAPC main event and topping it all off, the Bay 101 WPT in San Jose. Sorry, that’s a mouthful but right now, it’s my life. I never expected to travel this much but I’m getting used to everything. I’m starting to feel more and more like George Clooney in Up In The Air. Hopefully, my frequent flyer miles will start raking in the perks soon.

After Bay 101 I’m going to take it easy until the World Series. And by take it easy, I mean travel but travel to things that have nothing to do with poker. I plan on going to two music festivals, Coachella and Ultra. I’ve wanted to go to these festivals for years and somehow this year the scheduling actually works out for me. There are no tourneys, no seminars, no weddings, no obligations. I’m freakin’ going! It’s going to be awesome and a good break from poker. I’ll probably still go to the Mohegan Sun NAPT & EPT Monte Carlo in the month of April. But after that I’m planning on hopefully taking the entire month off. I really hope to not play a hand of poker in May so I can come back fresh for the entire WSOP. I honestly haven’t taken a break from poker in like two years so this year I’m making a point to do so. I remember in Super System 2 Doyle stressed this and he’s so right. I’ve performed way better when rested and fresh most definitely. I remember one time I came back from a week-long cruise and got 1st and 2nd in the FTP and Stars $300s on Saturday. I just think more clearly when fresh.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Enjoy the rest of your week and apparently the brightest full moon of this year was last weekend so I hope you enjoyed that as well.

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