Some Tips For Vegas

Since the WSOP is less than two weeks away, I figured I’d give you guys a Vegas primer. Most people think that the clubs are the best part of Vegas but really it’s the food. Yes, it’s nice to go to Vegas and rage for a weekend or two but spending a month and a half there can get tiring. So it’s good to know some good food joints to relax at. If you are down to spend some $$$ then Carne Vino & Cut are two amazing steakhouses. They happen to be both in the Palazzo. Carne Vino is an Italian steakhouse and they seem to go the extra mile with just about everything. Cut is an American steakhouse but unlike most, they bring out the pieces of meat that you want to ‘cut’ to eat. For sushi, there’s this place right across the street from the Hard Rock and it’s pretty reasonable. It’s called Kai Zen and is open late late. Also it has happy hour all night. If you want a really nice sushi restaurant, Shibuya is where it’s at. They have something like 100 different kinds of sake too. It’s ridiculous! As for Italian cuisine, Il Molino is top quality and they know how to serve a long, hearty meal. After the meal they give you complimentary grappo, an Italian digestivo to help along that big meal. If you are looking for something different, Julian Serrano at Aria is phenomenal. It’s a Spanish tapas place done by the chef of one of Las Vegas’ best restaurants, Picasso. I highly recommend it.

There’s another little facet of Vegas that anyone should know about, the pool parties. Rehab, Bare, Tao Beach, and many others are a great way to spend the hot summer days. Women in bikinis, djs bumping the newest music, drinks flowing, all while doing it in a cabana with your friends. It makes for a great time.

As far as the clubs go, buying bottles is the way to go but it’s really pricey. If not, you’ll have to wait in long lines to get in and still pay a hefty cover fee. Even then, you might still not get in. All that aside, Rain & XS are my two favs. Rain has some really sick resident DJ’s spinning on the weekends like Paul Oakenfold and Z-Trip along with many others. XS is the sister club to Tryst but on steroids. Tryst is beautiful and a good time but XS basically took everything good about Tryst and made it bigger and better. LAX is pretty good too. I haven’t been to Aria’s club in the City Center yet but I adore the City Center. If you can, spend most of your time there.

Hope this helped anyone who was looking for good stuff away from the poker tables during the summer. I’ll see you guys in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Rozina

    24 June, 2010 at 7:06 amIt sounds like you had an elbayojne trip despite the lack of tournament success. Of course you’ll need at least another eight trips to test out your theories I’m interested to know how many tournaments you played.

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